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One Source Labs has been conducting paramedical exams for insurance companies for over 7 years. 

When is a paramedical exam conducted? A paramedical exam is conducted when an individual applies for or makes changes to his or her life or disability insurance.

What is involved with a paramedical exam? Typically, a paramedical exam consists of asking the client a series of questions, getting the height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse, obtaining blood and urine specimens.  Occasionally, a resting EKG may be required.

One Source Labs offer direct connect to agents providing quality services, fast turnarounds and portal control. You are in the driver’s seat. We provide scheduling access that doesn’t require you to make calls to our office. Scheduling services or on our site.

When you are ready for the best and done with the rest call us (812)-496-3322. We are ready to become a part of your team!


We offer a personal alternative to providing your client examination needs.  We provide a full line  of Paramedical services for underwriting purposes. ​We are approved to bill and safely submit  Paramed documentation to underwriting for most life or health insurance companies, in the United  States.  Our personal service, combined with advanced software solutions, makes One Source  Labs a leader in the paramedical industry. ​ For your convenience we offer you the electronic case  submission which you can use to  order cases which will notifies you of examiner communications,  scheduled date and completion but we also serve agents who need things done “​ Yesterday”.    

We directly provide services, in the state of Indiana, and Kentucky, but also have a nationwide  network to take care of your client in other parts of the country which we can monitor and keep  you informed.