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 DOT Physicals at Your Convenience 

The Department of Transportation requires some drivers to get regular physicals to make sure they can drive safely. 

One Source Labs offers DOT physicals in a comfortable setting. If you need a physical to renew your medical certificate, call and ask to be seen at our Jeffersonville location  to schedule an appointment.

ONE STOP to take care of all your needs:

  • -DOT & Non DOT Drug Testing 
  • Random Consortium
  • Hair Follicle Collections
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Fingernail Testing
  • On Site Testing 
  • After Hours Testing Available

Our Team is comprised of trained collectors, which allows us to tailor collections for your specific drug and alcohol testing needs.  

  • Cost Savings   
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility  
  • Professional Service

Alcohol and drug abuse creates significant safety and health hazards and can result in decreased productivity and poor employee morale.  It also can lead to additional costs in the form of health care claims, especially short-term disability claims.


Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employee drug testing is not about invading employee privacy; it is about maintaining a healthy and safe  work environment. Employee drug testing programs, our drug testing services ensure the quality of work is  not affected by substance abuse.  One Source Labs employee drug testing services. With affiliated collection sites all over the country for DOT  and non-­DOT drug testing, you can count on our affordable and professional drug testing services.  

  • Electronic ordering powered by Form Fox  
  • Lowest prices in the area.  
  • Walk­in appointments available, however appointment are encouraged.  
  • Ability to provide both DOT and non­DOT drug screens.  
  • National Affiliation
  • On ­site collections provided following DOT guidelines.  
  • Instant testing available for quick turnaround times (non ­DOT only)  
  • Professional collection sites and staff. (All One Source Labs collectors are DOT ­certified) 

TPA Drug Collections

If you are a third party administrator (TPA) needing drug, alcohol, blood draws,  or DNA collections performed for one of your clients in an out of network  market, contact One Source Labs.  Every One Source Labs location is staffed by professional collectors who  understand the need for confidential collection and accurate results. One  Source Labs manages all of your drug collection needs. Our complete range of  drug-testing collection services ensures that we provide the testing you need. 

  • School/Sports Organizations  
  • On­site testing  
  • Results in under 5 minutes